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        “ UV radiation is the primary genocide in the environment.” - Journal of Virology, American Society For Microbology, 2005, Nov; 79(22)



        “Far – UVC Light: A new tool to control the spread of microbial (influenza, TB, H1N1, etc) diseases” Scientific Reports 2/9/2018, articles 2752(2018



        “UV light fights the spread of influenza.....Viruses and bacteria are much smaller then human cells, far-UVC light can reach their (viruses) DNA and kill them.” - Dr. Brenner PhD, Director of the Center for Radiological Research and Professor at Columbia University.



        “It has been known for a while now that broad spectrum UVC light has the poser to kill viruses and bacteria by breaking molecular bonds.” Dr. Marc Siegel, Associate Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center www.foxnews.com/dr-siegel


        “Researchers prove UV light can kill flu viruses without harming humans: Far-ultraviolet C (far UVC) light can cill flu viruses and could reduce the incidence of flu infections.” Interesting Engineering 02/12/18



        To see a full interview with Dr. Marc Siegel on the effects of UV on the Covid-19 (corono) virus please see facebook.com/judgejeaninipirro/videos/511789889749196


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