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Body Wrap



Just Relax and Watch the Inches Melt Away!

FIT  Body Session introduces a revolutionary, dual action system that is changing doctor’s views on weight loss! Not to be confused with the old wraps that make you look like a mummy. It actually looks like a sleeping bag you lay in and let the infrared do the work.

What if there was a way to lose weight and tone muscles without all the hard work and wear and tear on your joints and body?
Now there is!

The infrared heat used in FIT  Bodywrap is scientifically shown to burn more calories in a single 60 minute session than running in a marathon!

Used in tandem with our cutting edge FIT? Booster Spray, infrared heat’s impact on weight loss and overall health has astounded doctors and scientists around the world!

Infrared Rays

Dr. Aaron Flickstein has found in his extensive research the infrared rays:

Burn 1000s of calories per session
Provide superior cardiovascular benefits to running a marathon without the joint deterioration
Increases blood flow up to 13 quarts/minute
Treats a vast number of ailments

It really is that easy! Dr. Flickstein’s research has shown that infrared rays used in the FIT Bodywrap system will help you lose weight and inches faster than any other method.

You will look and feel healthier than you ever have before!

You could notice the results in as little as one treatment, so get started today
 and find out just how easy it is to feel great while you lose weight!

Fit Booster Spray

The FIT? Booster spray works with the infrared heat treatment to maximize results!

Makes your body work harder to produce sweat
Reduces and removes the amount of fat compounds in your body
Leaves your skin immaculately clean and healthy

The FIT Bodywrap Process

The FIT Bodywrap system incorporates a dual action process. The first action is caused by the far infrared heat energy (FIR) emitted by the FIT Bodywrap. FIR refers to a segment of the light spectrum invisible to the human eye. People are naturally warmed by FIR rays, and they have numerous benefits:

Boost our immune system
Enhance blood flow
Decrease water clusters and improve the flow of bodily fluids
Detoxify the body by releasing tissue-bound toxins such as heavy metals and acidic compounds
Burn 1000s of calories per wrap session
Increases blood flow up to 13 quarts per minute
Treatment of muscle spasms
Alleviation of joint stiffness

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